Who is winning the post-recession recruitment war

Thursday, October 2, 2014
A White Paper, Total Immersion, published today by an award winning recruitment and resourcing company, they called for HR Directors to work more closely with Marketing Directors to avoid businesses being left out in the cold in post- recession UK. The White Paper, says the biggest challenge businesses face today is not having enough skilled staff. In some sectors the problem is so acute it is threatening to hold back economic recovery.  The businesses with weak brands struggle to recruit.

The White Paper finds that pay levels have to be competitive with the industry rate. But after that company culture plays a major role in the ability of a company to recruit and retain the best people.  People like to be proud of the company they work for; that may mean a well known brand or one that does good work in the local community.  Recruits will also look at things such as the working atmosphere and management style.

Also, with social media there are no secrets about what it is like to work for a company. Disgruntled staff will let their feelings be known. Companies which, for example, have been exposed for oppressive cultures (such as those that police how long staff are taking for toilet breaks) are avoided by the best recruits who have many other options.

“To be truly effective, many businesses have learned that what you are telling customers about yourself must be aligned with communication to your staff . Recruits need to have heard of you and what you represent. The internal culture has to reflect the company’s values, mindful of the fact that a company’s employees are likely to be its strongest brand advocates.”

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) which represents the recruitment industry have welcomed the White Paper and the quality of the research and findings.