We are not your average Talent Partner / Recruitment Agency, and here is why...

We solve our clients Talent problems!

Here are a few things that we have done for our clients in December!

- 12 month guarantee on placements and 12 month free replacement in case things don't work out ??

- Workplace preference assessments to help manage new staff from day dot??

- 10 month payment terms to help with cashflow in tricky times ??

- Moved their direct contractors and freelancers to Humand Talent to protect themselves from ir35 tax liability ??

- Free ir35 assessments on all their contractors ??

- Worked with us to hire staff overseas, where they don't have their own entity, but want to remain tax compliant ??

- Talked to us about bulk hires and received a great discount ??

- Looked to subscribe to our TPaaS services as they plan to hire lots over the next 12 months ??

- Worked with us on SoW work to deliver Software projects at a set fee ??

- Hired us to find Diverse Shortlists ??

If your agency are only open to the idea of pinging you CVs and not working on innovative ideas, are they really giving you a competitive advantage!

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